This Is Why a Wholesale Cocopeat Supplier Offers Cocopeat Plug

Wholesale Cocopeat Supplier

A wholesale cocopeat supplier may offer you a cocopeat plug. This product is great for people who grow plants and crops organically or hydroponically. A reputable cocopeat substrate supplier also has this product since buyers need it. So, what is a cocopeat plug? What is the role of this product in hydroponic farming? Check the information below.   

What Cocopeat Plug Is 

Just like its name, the main material of this product is coco peat. Manufacturers process this raw material to produce cocopeat plugs. The process includes cleaning the raw material, sterilizing it, and buffering it. The final product is a clean and safe cocopeat, along with the right Electrical Conductivity and pH for soil and plants. 

The Reasons Why a Wholesale Cocopeat Supplier Sells Coco Plug

A wholesale cocopeat supplier sells coco plugs for so many reasons. One thing is for sure that hydroponic and organic farmers are looking for it. It means that this product is profitable. Another reason is that suppliers know that this product will help farmers to grow their plants or crops maximally. 

This product is different compared to raw cocopeat. Using coco plug means that farmers use a neutral pH and sterile cocopeat. It is better than cocopeat since this product is free from algae, fungi, and other organisms. As a result, the coco plug doesn’t ruin the growth of the crops. It even helps to optimize the crops to produce more.   

Those Who Buy Coco Plug 

So, where do cocopeat suppliers sell coco plugs? One of the biggest markets is hydroponic gardeners or farmers. They need a coco plug because the design, shape, and benefit of the product are suitable for applying Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems. 

This product helps to absorb more water and nutrients to the root of the plants. Some beginner gardeners also want to try to use a variety of growing media. Indeed, they will also buy a coco plug to get the experience. Promoting it online will be good, so you get a wider market. 

So, you don’t get confused about customers who will buy your cocopeat. Even people are looking for a coco plug. It depends on how you find your customers and promote your product to them. After that, focus on looking for a trusted wholesale cocopeat supplier who can support you with a high-quality product. 

The combination will lead you to make money from selling cocopeat, including coco plugs. You will always get the product to sell because you are choosing the right cocopeat suppliers.     

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