Cocopeat For Garden Soil Rejuvenation

Cocopeat for garden soil rejuvenation

Ensure that you are rejuvenating the bad-quality soil before planting new crops. It increases farming success. Using cocopeat for garden soil rejuvenation will be effective. 

This method is not harmful because you are using organic matter. The thing you should understand is the way to use cocopeat organic matter for soil rejuvenation process. 

Use Cocopeat Powder 

The smaller the organic materials you put in the soil, the better. The material will be decomposed faster. They will provide essential compounds for the soil. 

So, instead of using raw cocopeat, you can choose to spread cocopeat powder in the soil. Remember the incorporate the soil and the cocopeat powder. Water the mixture and wait for a few weeks. The soil will rejuvenate during the decomposition process. 

Put Cocopeat Under the Soil

What if you don’t have time to make cocopeat powder? You can use raw cocopeat as long as it is ready to use. 

Make layers with these two materials. Put cocopeat at the bottom of the layer. Then, cover it with soil. Continue the process by putting cocopeat as the third layer. 

Cover it again with the soil. The top layer should be the soil. Water the area and wait for a few days. Plant your crops on this farm after a few days. 

You can also use cocopeat as the top layer for mulch. The soil is about to rejuvenate with this method. The idea is to turn the cocopeat into compost. It hopes the essential compounds from the cocopeat fix the soil structure.  

Apply Cocopeat in Warm Weather 

Using cocopeat for garden soil rejuvenation will be more effective during warm weather. In this condition, the soil is less acidic. Soil with low acid levels is an ideal place for microorganisms to live.

Microorganisms within the soil will help the decomposition process. During the process, cocopeat will also improve water retention. After a certain period, the soil will be rejuvenated and ready to use. 

Use Cocopeat as Mulch 

Mulch keeps the moisture level within the soil. Indeed, it is also keeping the soil structure. The better the soil structure, the healthier the soil. 

It is also an effective way to rejuvenate the soil. This method keeps the pH and EC of the soil. Start to plant in the soil once the pH and EC are neutral. 

You don’t need to use harmful chemicals only to rejuvenate the soil. Use cocopeat for garden rejuvenation process. It is more organic and safer not only for the soil but also for the environment. 


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