5 Tips To Have Successful Hydroponic Systems With Cocopeat Blocks

Hydroponic Systems With Cocopeat Blocks

Hydroponic systems with cocopeat blocks sound like a good idea because more and more growers use cocopeat blocks for their hydroponic systems. Although cocopeat blocks come with various benefits for planting, it does not mean that you will be successful right away when using them for your hydroponic system.

In this circumstance, you need to follow these tips to use cocopeat blocks successfully for your hydroponic farming.

Plant the Right Crops

Various kinds of plants can grow on cocopeat medium, but some of them might not be able to grow well on this medium. Cocopeat organic matter in soil might make them hard to grow properly.

To make sure that your plants can grow well on cocopeat medium, you need to make a thorough research about nutrients needed by the crops. This way, you will know whether the crops can be compatible with the coco peat medium or not.

Pay Attention to Drainage

One of the biggest benefits offered by coco peat for hydroponic systems is its ability to detect water. It does not mean that you can be careless with the drainage system because water logging can cause big problems even in hydroponic systems. Overwatering is a big no and you also need to use containers with enough drainage holes.

Check pH and Nutrient Levels

Do not forget to test the pH and nutrient levels in your hydroponic systems. Adjustments must be made whenever necessary. Hydroponic systems with cocopeat blocks cannot do well if you do not ensure the right pH and nutrient levels that can support the optimum growth of your plants. More importantly, you also have to make sure that your plants can absorb essential nutrients efficiently in your hydroponic systems.

Consider Adding Beneficial Microbes

When using cocopeat blocks as growing media in hydroponic systems, you can supplement them with useful microbes like crop-friendly bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. With additional microbes in the cocopeat blocks, nutrient uptake can be enhanced. As a result, the plant’s health can be upgraded, as well.

Do Crop Rotation

Growing plants with hydroponic systems might allow you to control several aspects that affect the plants’ growth better. It is not only about controlling the nutrient balance but also includes the risk of disease and peat buildup.

Hydroponic systems with cocopeat blocks still need crop rotation to prevent those problems. You can simply change the crop species in each planting cycle. You will find better results in the long term than planting the same crop for every planting cycle.

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