Hydroponic Nutrient Solution With Cocopeat: The Definition And How It Works

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution With Cocopeat

Have you ever heard of the idea of a hydroponic nutrient solution with cocopeat? Hydroponic is a planting method that uses water as the main medium. It indeed works well in some types of plants. However, it may be not in other plants. Therefore, cocopeat is used to help the plant to gain more nutrients.

So, are you interested to add cocopeat in your hydroponic farming? Well, make sure to learn more about this planting method before starting.

Nutrients in Cocopeat

Uniquely, cocopeat itself has not had too many nutrients inside. Well, there are indeed some substances in big amounts but the types are limited. Those substances are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. A good thing is that those substances are important for plants growing up.

But remember that those substances are not last forever. That’s why, you need to replace the old cocopeat in your pot with a new one for the best result. How much and how often the cocopeat must be replaced depending on the type of plant.

Cocopeat is to Absorb and Hold Water

While nutrients for plants are limited and better to find from fertilizers, cocopeat has a more important function instead. Yes, the hydroponic nutrient solution with cocopeat here mainly refers to how this medium is very effective to hold water.

Cocopeat is made from coconut fiber that tends to absorb fluid. When you pour water or other types of liquid there, cocopeat will absorb and hold it up to 70%. More than that, the nutrients contained in the water and probably fertilizer are also absorbed very well. the nutrients are to feed the root so the plant grows up properly.

Cocopeat hydroponic cultivation is considered better than using soil for certain plants. You can also mix it with other media like sand in the right amount to enable the cocopeat to absorb nutrients from the sand.

It Absorbs Oxygen Too

Cocopeat is not only effective to absorb and hold water and other types of fluid. Other materials like gases and air are absorbable too in it. It is a good thing for sure as air components like oxygen are very important for the growth of the plant. Even the absorption process is faster than soil.

Nowadays, finding cocopeat is very easy. You can find it in farming stores around you. It is also not expensive at all as the main material, coconut fiber, is sustainable. So, those are the things you must know about the hydroponic nutrient solution with cocopeat. Are you interested in it?

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