Cocopeat Soil Conditioner and Other Cocopeat Benefits

Cocopeat Soil Conditioner

Cocopeat is chosen more and more because of several reasons, including because of its Cocopeat soil conditioner benefit. That is why cocopeat is used not only for hydroponic farming but also for other types of farming. Here are the great benefits of cocopeat soil.

Increase Porosity

When cocopeat is added to the potting mix, for example, it will increase the porosity of the potting mix. You can imagine how better porosity means for the plant’s growth, especially in the hydroponic farming system. More porosity will help the soil get airier and looser. As a result, the root can be encouraged to grow better.

Better Water-holding Capacity

You make the right choice with cocopeat if you want to boost the water-holding capacity of your potting mix. Cocopeat might be able to increase the porosity of the potting mix, for sure, and people might worry that it can make the plants over or under-watered. There is no need to worry about it because your potting mix can hold water better when it is added with cocopeat. Cocopeat soil conditioner benefit can be found because of its ability to increase water-holding capacity.

Great for Hydroponic Farming

Cocopeat can offer you a combination of better porosity, water retention, and cation exchange. With this kind of combination in a single medium called cocopeat, you will not need a lot of it for your overall growing medium. Those benefits also make cocopeat a great medium for hydroponic farming. The cocopeat can absorb nutrients for plants better and faster because of its high cation exchange. Cocopeat substrate supplier can help you start your hydroponic farm right away.

Easy to Rewet

It is hard to rewet peat, but it is completely different from cocopeat. You can rewet it super easily. Even when the cocopeat is in dry condition, it can absorb water speedily. It also has a hydrophilic characteristic. Soil mixed with cocopeat will also get this characteristic that makes it better for planting.

Easy to Store, Handle, and Deliver

You can name other organic media, such as vermiculite, perlite, and rock wool. They are hard to store and deliver because you cannot press them too much to make their volume smaller. Meanwhile, cocopeat can be pressed a lot to make it smaller in volume which means easier delivery and storage. It means a lot to save the cost of storage, handling, and delivery. Cocopeat soil conditioner benefits can be much better since it is not hard to handle, store, and ship.

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