Cocopeat Hydroponic Fertilizer And Its Benefits As A Planting Medium

Cocopeat Hydroponic Fertilizer

Cocopeat for hydroponic is often also called the cocopeat hydroponic fertilizer. Yes, it is because the component functions as the fertilizer aside from being the planting medium only. Compared with soil, the nutrients contained in cocopeat are indeed not that rich. However, it has a bunch of benefits you can consider if you are looking for an alternative for planting media.

So, what are the benefits of using cocopeat, particularly for the hydroponic purpose? Here are the explanations.

The texture is suitable for plants

The hydroponic planting method means you use water only as the primary planting medium. Yes, the water is put in a vase or a bucket, and the plant is simply cultivated there. This method works well in certain plants but not for others. Yes, in nature, most plants grow well in the soil so it is not easy for them to adapt when being planted in other media.

Cocopeat, on the other hand, has a texture that is very similar to soil. That’s why plants tend to adapt well when in it. In addition, cocopeat hydroponic cultivation combines cocopeat and water to grow plants. This way, the plant obtains enough water while still “feeling” the environment like in the soil.

Consisting Fertilizer Components

Compared with soil, cocopeat hydroponic fertilizer may not be as rich as it is in terms of nutrients. However, although the types of nutrients are few, they are essential for the plant. Some nutrients in cocopeat are phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Those nutrients are even available in a big amount.

If the plants need other substances naturally not contained in cocopeat, you can add other types of fertilizer whether it is natural or artificial. The fertilizer chosen is based on the type of plant to cultivate.

Cocopeat is a good absorber

Cocopeat is known as a good absorber and holder for water, other types of fluid, and nutrients from other components. As a good holder of water, this is the main reason why this component is suitable for hydroponic planting. For example, if you pour water into a plant with cocopeat, the cocopeat will absorb and hold 70% of it. The percentage is bigger than when you use soil.

This planting media is also very good at absorbing other elements like oxygen and other substances in the air up to 50%. When you pour additional fertilizers, the cocopeat hydroponic fertilizer helps the root to absorb more nutrients from it by holding them longer first.

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