Cocopeat-Enriched Soil Mix Role For Gardening

Cocopeat-Enriched Soil Mix

Organic gardeners use a variety of organic materials to enrich soil mix, including cocopeat. Cocopeat-enriched soil mix is valuable for the growth of plants and the health of the soil. So, why is this material so good for plants and soil? Check the essential compounds of this material before applying cocopeat organic matter for soil.  

Cocopeat Contains a High Level of Potassium 

Potassium (K) is one of the critical compounds for soil and plants. Healthy soil should contain approximately 3 to 8 percent of potassium. Plants and crops can grow maximally if the soil has enough potassium supply. 

This compound helps to increase the growth of the root. It even activates up to 60 enzymes plants or crops need to optimize their growth. The plants will have a weak stalk, and poor root system, and even kill them when the soil is suffering from potassium deficiency. 

The simplest solution to fill the need for potassium in the soil is by adding cocopeat. Cocopeat is easily mixed with soil. As time goes by, this material becomes compost and adds the potassium level to the soil.   

Cocopeat is Rich in Sodium 

Sodium (Na) is another essential compound healthy soil must have. This compound prevents becoming crumb and hard. The small particle is about to attach to the soil particles and block the soil pores. Because of that, the soil is moist enough. 

As a result, oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide are easy to move around the soil. This flow is so critical for plants and crops. The better the oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide flow in the soil, the stronger the root of the plants and crops. 

It is one of the reasons why organic gardeners and farmers apply cocopeat-enriched soil mix while growing their plants. They want to ensure that the soil has enough sodium. 

Cocopeat Supports Electric Conductivity in the Soil 

Professional gardeners and farmers are not only monitoring the pH of the soil but also the Electric Conductivity (EC). EC can inform the fertility of the soil. The better the EC level, the better the soil’s ability to store nutrients. 

This type of soil will also have the great texture that crops and plants need. You can also detect whether the soil has the important compounds above by checking the EC level of the soil. Cocopeat can fix the Electric Conductivity of the soil. 

Ensure whether you need low or high EC cocopeat. Cocopeat with a low EC level means that it contains less salt and vice versa.  

So, don’t be afraid to use cocopeat-enriched soil mix for gardening. As long as you are using it based on the instructions, you can harvest more crops. The most important thing is that the soil will be healthier day by day.  


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