5 Disadvantages of Cocopeat Soil Substrate

Cocopeat Soil Substrate

Cocopeat soil substrate can offer people various benefits that make it more and more popular among farmers and gardening enthusiasts. However, it does not mean that cocopeat does not have any flaws when it is used as part of soil substrate.

Before using cocopeat for planting anything, you need to learn more about cocopeat’s disadvantages.

Natural Salt Content

One great benefit that can be found from cocopeat is the natural mineral contents that can support the growth of plants. However, cocopeat has natural salt content. Too much salt content in the potting mix might not be great for your plants.

If you want to minimize the salt content in the cocopeat for your potting mix, you need to use cocopeat with high quality. You can also try to adjust nutrient composition to keep everything in balance by considering the salt content in the cocopeat.

Compared to other organic growing media that are often used for hydroponic, you cannot use cocopeat for recycled hydroponic systems. The cocopeat can be a perfect choice for run-off systems due to its forgiving nature.

Difficulty to Support Plants’ Weight

Cocopeat soil substrate becomes a favorite choice because of its high porosity that allows more air flowing into the planting media. However, the high porosity of the cocopeat also comes with a drawback. It will not be able to support the plant’s weight.

Well, this problem can be found commonly in various types of superior potting mixes. There is no need to worry because you can use plant supports to rectify it.

Short Expiration Date for Compressed Cocopeat

Cocopeat is easy to press and that is why you can find compressed cocopeat products easily. Although it makes storing, handling, and shipping easier, it also comes with a drawback because you must use it all within a few months after production only. Because of this short expiration date, you have to make sure to buy freshly compressed cocopeat only.

Poor Quality Product

The popularity of cocopeat is raising highly and it leads to a high demand for cocopeat in the market. Cocopeat substrate supplier might just want to grab this good opportunity by selling poor-quality cocopeat just to make a quick profit. You have to be careful when choosing a cocopeat supplier. An expensive price does not always mean that the cocopeat has high quality, after all.

Soil Contaminants

Cocopeat soil substrate might also contain soil contaminants unless it has been sterilized by growers. However, many of them avoid this method and rely on bioagents to fight against pathogenic attacks on their crops.

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