3 Things To Know About Cocopeat For Hydroponic Nutrient Delivery

Cocopeat For Hydroponic Nutrient Delivery

Why choose cocopeat for hydroponic nutrient delivery? Cocopeat is one of the planting media made from the powder of coconut fiber. It has characteristics quite similar to the soil. That’s why many types of plants can grow well in it.

One of the plant types you can grow in cocopeat is in the hydroponic category. This media is suitable for hydroponics for its high ability to absorb water. Even compared to the soil, the water absorption level in cocopeat is even higher.

More than that, cocopeat also brings some other benefits including delivering nutrient well to the plant. Despite additional nutrients coming from fertilizers, cocopeat itself has many nutritious substances. So, here is the explanation.

A Good Fluid Holder

As has been mentioned above, cocopeat is an effective planting medium in terms of absorbing water. Not only it is good in absorption but also cocopeat can hold water and other types of liquid longer. Generally, it can hold up to 70% of water brought. It means that there is less water to waste. Sure, this is the main reason why cocopeat hydroponic cultivation is recommended.

As it is a good holder for liquid, nutrients contained in water and fertilizer can be absorbed more optimally. Substance delivery works better than using other media. More importantly, don’t bring too much water since it may cause root failure.

A Good Air Holder

The next benefit of using cocopeat for hydroponic nutrient delivery is its function as a good air holder. Yes, when the cocopeat has been dry, maybe because you forget to add water, it still works properly in holding oxygen.

The ability to absorb and hold air particularly oxygen is even around 1000 times faster and 50% better than soil. As you know, oxygen is very essential in the growth of plants. That’s why, using cocopeat is indeed a good effort to let them grow well.

The Mix of Cocopeat and Sand

But you must know also that the levels of nutrients contained in cocopeat are relatively low. So, it is suggested to add other planting media for the nutrient supply. You can use fertilizers based on the type of plants you grow in them.

In addition, since the pH of cocopeat tends to be high, around 5.8-6, you can add soil to balance it. Pay attention to the composition as the planting media should not be too much of alkaline. Sterilizing cocopeat from fungi is also important before using it. So, this is how to use cocopeat for hydroponic nutrient delivery.

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