3 Soil Amendment Using Cocopeat Techniques

Soil amendment using cocopeat

Fixing the quality of soil organically is simpler and more affordable. One of the ways is applying soil amendment using the cocopeat method. You are about to learn more about how to apply cocopeat organic matter for soil. As a result, the soil will have better quality and nutrients before planting on it. 

Directly Mix Cocopeat with the Soil 

Fixing soil quality using cocopeat is fast and simple. The first method you can do is by directly applying the cocopeat to the soil. Incorporate it with the soil. Ensure that you are doing it at a 25/27 ratio. 

This simple method can improve water retention and aeration. It even decreases the risk of fungus or diseases that can affect the root of the plants. You can do this method if the soil is not too hard or bad. 

It means that you are using cocopeat to add nutrients to the soil. The best part of using this method is that you can plant the crops a few minutes after incorporating the cocopeat with the soil. As time goes by, the quality of the soil will be better.  

Apply Cocopeat as a Mulch 

It takes time to incorporate the soil in case you are working in a large farm or garden. You also can’t mix this material with the soil if you have planted the plants and crops there. So, what do you have to do? Is there any soil amendment using cocopeat alternative to do? 

Relax! You can do something and it is even simpler! All you have to do is spread the cocopeat on the surface of the soil. Ensure that the cocopeat is ready to use. This method gives you more benefits. The first benefit is cocopeat can protect the soil from the hot weather. 

It keeps the moisture and oxygen within the soil. The second benefit is that cocopeat will fix the quality of the soil by becoming a natural fertilizer. Even when watering the garden, the water will bring some essential compounds from the cocopeat. The essential compounds will fix the soil.

Mix and Wait for Cocopeat in the Soil

Next, you can also mix the cocopeat in the soil and wait for a few months. The function of letting the mixture is to ensure that the soil is ready. During the process, cocopeat will also turn into fertilizer.

The soil is ready once the organic materials on it are gone. At the same time, the quality of the soil seems to be better. This method is great for a new farm or garden  

So, soil amendment using cocopeat can be a cheap alternative to fix the soil and increase crop production. Apply one of the methods above based on the condition of the soil in the farm or garden.  

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