3 Ideas Of Hydroponic Cocopeat Pots For Planting At Home

Hydroponic Cocopeat Pots

What are the most ideal hydroponic cocopeat pots? Hydroponics, as many people may have known, is a planting method that uses water as the main medium. Sure, it means that the plants to grow are friendly with water such as tomato, cucumber, basil, spinach, strawberry, radish, and so on.

Aside from the water, hydroponic also needs other planting media. Yes, when you also want them as decorative plants, it means you need pots as well. To make sure they grow well, you also may need a little soil, fertilizer, and cocopeat.

However, using a combination of water and other media like cocopeat may require you to use different pots from hydroponic with water only. Well, for cocopeat hydroponic cultivation, here are some types of pots to use.

Conventional Pots with Holes

If pure hydroponics needs a kind of closed pots, and, cocopeat hydroponics uses pots with holes. Yes, it is because the cocopeat functions to absorb and hold water. Therefore, although the pot is with holes, don’t worry about the water will be wasted outside.

The holes also enable the root of the plant to breathe and obtain oxygen. Interestingly, the oxygen that has been caught by the root is also held by the cocopeat so that it doesn’t “leak” outside. Yes, the ability of cocopeat to hold oxygen is very good, even 50% better than soil.

Handmade Bottle Pots

If you just want to recycle unused stuff at home for hydroponic cocopeat pots, maybe handmade bottle pots are good ideas. So, you can just collect and select bottles and separate the damaged or broken ones. Make some holes in the sides and bottom areas. The concept is the same with conventional pots in which the holes are used for the root to breathe.

Put cocopeat inside the bottle and pour some water until it is full. Next, you can put the plant by inserting the root and stem area. Add fertilizers or anything else depending on the need of the plant. You can also decorate the pots or hang them to make your house look more aesthetic.

Long Pots from Pipes

Another recycled thing at home for hydroponic pots is the long pipe. There are big holes in the surface where the plants grow up. For conventional hydroponics, there should not be other holes around the pipe. Meanwhile, for cocopeat hydroponics, add some smaller holes on the bottom as channels for the water to go out. This type of hydroponic cocopeat pots is suitable for planting fruits and veggies.

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